Triple Roller heater wax

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The model KIT TRIO COMPETITION   It is a professional wax heater stove designed for the depilatory waxes heating contained in roller refills.
Ranked # 3 Professional Scaldarulli practical and simple to use. 
for both professional use and for domestic use,
suitable for any type of wax formed in 100 ml.
The base, with centralized power key, is formed by 3 rooms,  to lay the 3 hand pieces and heat simultaneously keeping them always at body temperature.

– Very fast warm-up time of the cartridge.
– How to use indicated on the packaging.

1) Apply the product in the direction of hair growth to, cover the area of 15-18 cm2.
Make sure the temperature of the wax is suitable.

2) Lay a paper band Area   to be treated. Use your hands to apply pressure to the paper tearing down.

3) Remove the paper band, plucking the hair in the opposite direction to that of growth.

4) After hair removal use a lubricating or moisturizing cream to remove any residual wax.

5) Switch off the power before cleaning.

6) Use a soft cloth soaked in detergent to clean the wax residue on the machine.

Power: 25W x 3
Voltage: 220/230 V
Frequency: 50 Hz
Base size: 26,5 x 7,5 x 12,5 cm

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