About us

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SiSi Salon Supplies 

was established in December 2014 in UK.

This range of products for which we have secured exclusive distribution rights in the UK at very competitive prices are market leaders in Italy and are derived from the full maturity of advanced research.

 These products have been through stringent quality controls and continuous improvements and refinements from Italy.

We offer the most superb quality products to help enrich the customer’s experience and satisfaction in your salon.

Please visit our Web Store to view our range of amazing products at unbeatable prices or call our helpful team on mobile 07883450597

Sell products, Shopping on Line;

This hair remover wax combines an esthetically pleasing gel with the best adhesiveness available. The special special formula mixes synthetic resins with oils certified: in other words, this product perfectly respects the skin, giving accurate, long lasting hair removal with a highly non-allergic product.

Our type of (Creme and Transparnt) Waxes are available in different Flavours and available in 3 sizes 100 ml, 400ml  and 800ml.